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Sunday, November 11, 2018

5 Best places to eat Pizza in Leh Ladakh

Food spreads happiness in life. This being said, lets take a tour of the top pizza places in Leh, Jammu and Kashmir.


Located in the main marker, this plce is well known for a serene evening woth its rooftop sitting. The décor is smart and pulls your mood right up. Good music, Good ambience, good food. A perfect combination and a must try. They have hot ,cheesy ,generous toppings.


Located in the main bazaar, this place is known for great pizza across town at fair prices. No doubt the nov veg is yummy and hard to find pizza of this taste in metro. The staff is very supportive and warm. Along with this they have good north Indian food as well. What’s amazing is to arrange all the required ingredients for a good pizza at such heights. Its hygienic and will make your vacation even better. A must for all those travlleing to Leh. You will fall in love with their food and crave for more. The right quality of oregano is really imporant for me and I get paranoid when its not available. I think it served right and I could go back happy zappy.  The place is known for feeding a lot of travllers, yet this place I also likened by a lot of locals. The full name of the restaurant is Sorisso Pizza and Meal Mastiyaan. The place works best for both veg and non veg. You will not find any foul smell. The guy at the counter is cute and would attend you warml. This place opened in August last year. Their Tandoori paneer pizza and chicken tikka double burst along with kit kat shake is a must try. Their coffee was served in a huge mug and had chocolate in it. Their Indian, Italian and mexian pizza are all worth for money. The interior is bright yet small to accommodate around 30 people.  


This place serves the best wood fired oven pizza with a good view of the main street. It serves liquor as well. They will also pack your pizza in a doggy box that you can take back home and enjoy. It has a scenic view from its roof top. Pizza pastaalong with mushroom lasagna are a must try., Butter chicken and chicken biryani was also nice.


Heaven for pizza in leh at the fort road. The location is perfect while coming back from local sightseeing and sitiing down and eating for a while. This placeis also well known for its bakery items.Its a german bakery and it is one of the best in Leh. But at the same time, the pizza served here is no less. Its fingerlicious and makes every worth for a penny. No doubt, the prices are on a little bit high range. Apart from momos, their Yak cheese veg momos, egg fried rice, pastas, apple pie are a must try. It’s a travel hub and would always be packed. You might have to wait for a while before you get your seat. The swervie is a tad bit slow due to the rush and hence might frustarate you. With a housefull, you might feel the place is a bit clumsy. To avois all this you can always book a table beforehand and go in apt time. It has a varied menu and In length the breakfast , lunch and dinner menu items. Its like an oaisis in leh, a small one, with a good view for the travelers to pass by. The must try are  veg lafa, grilled chicken steak, thukpa, walnut cake. It’s a must try for a lunch or dinner when travelling in Leh.


It is one of the oldest cafes in town. It has a old housed boeard and then stairs that take you down, to the basement . What’s astonishing is the open air ambience. But there are also tents avalaible in caseit rains. 0It offers mulitpl e cuisines. Apart from great pizza they are special in deserts, two of them which are aamazing are Mrs chapatti and Sweet jesus.


Half of the area is covered while the other half is in open. Its your choice and would recommend sitting outside. You can go here for an evening snack and then to becomes easy to view a perfect sunset and admire its beauty.  I sat there  for a while appreciating the view and the food was served. What makes this plce a must try is the topping of a bonfire . The stove oven pizza is yummy and rightly cooked. It serves other cuisines as well. If you are looking for bonless chicken ,then this is the place for you. This place has right ambience. Right music, a good tv screen but lacks a bit on the food. It’s the location of this place that makes it a must try. Liqour is served here and is popular among the locals.

Others that you can try that I could not find the time to go are US PIZZA in the main market.

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