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Saturday, September 22, 2018

Best 6 namkeen or snacks to eat

Best 6 masala namkeen – Best 6 namkeen or snacks to eat - Top 6 masala namkeen packets available in the market in Punjabi style.

Today the market has a wide variety of snacks / namkeen. With various competitors around, it has become difficult to thrive in the market. But if your product has the power to engage with the crowd, then nothing can stop you from creating your own brand. Here is a list of 6 best snacks / namkeens for snacks.
 I can assure you that these snacks are mouth watering and there is a cent per cent guarantee that your guests will love it when served. A tip can be to carry small packs of these namkeens / snacks with your backpack while travelling.
It is essentially uselful in long trips and can help you save a lot of money. You can pin the small pack take it’s gas out so that its easy to pack a lot of them.
All these items are vegetarian.


Net weight: 20 g
Price: Rs 10

Haldiram has been by far my favourite brand in namkeens. This particular one Gupshup is masala peanuts, which is one of its kindIt’s an ideal tea - time snack with high quality peanut. Its a fresh version of our old favourite ‘nut cracker’ namkeen / snack of the brand. It is more crunchieri. This namkeen / snack is an awesome "chakna” of what many of us may call. You can invite your guests at home and serve them with this delicious namkeen /snack.Its comparatively a new snack than the other products haldiram offers which is why its on the top of my list. Since not a lot of people know about it, they still stick to others. But believe me after you have this, this is going to be your best namkeen / snack. When I made my family familiar to this product, they all became ‘punjabi’ about it.

Punjabi Tadka

Net weight: 42 g
Price: Rs 10

The name itself denotes the Punjabi taste and touch in the namkeen / snack. Hosting family and friends with this chatpata snack is a delight. Its halidram’s one of the most spicy snacks with a tad bit of sweetness.
Several YouTube channels can also help you in cooking these online but then the taste of this savourie comes only with Haldiram. I often eat this snack with cold drink. You can also have it with your tea. It’s a whole family snack. Again you can experiment it and mix it all up. Cut lots of veggies, mix other namkeens with it and add ketchup to it. It will bring a whole meal in itself.

Fatafat Bhel

Net weight: 45 g
Price: Rs 10

Fatafat bhel is a ready to eat bhelpuri
with dry  sauces in it. This one is my personal favourite. A spicy delicious mixture of chickpeas,nuts and puffed rice.I can’t stop at one pack. What makes it so special is the ‘chatpata’ flavor. Halidram is one of the most trusted name in the market and I want to thank them for bringing out this product. I often eat this snack with cold drink or tea. You can also experiment and mix it with veggies and different sauces and mix it all up. It’s too addictive and very difficult to stop at one. Also, don’t confuse it with the bhelpuri packet that haldiram offers. Both are different. Where this is ready to eat, the later gives a dry powder which you later turn into chutney and mix the bhelpuri mixture with.

Nut cracker

Net weight: 20 g
Price: Rs 5

Nut cracker are roasted peanuts with loads of spices along with a crunchy taste. This is one of the most visible packaged loved namkeen / snack. It has been everyone’s favourite for a long time. Its like a legend. Something you can’t take your hands and mouth (figuratively) off. The end part of the pack where its crushed is my personal favourite. It’s the most used namkeen / snacks with alcohol and at house parties. You can treat a bunch of friends with this and they will all go back happy. Its also used amongst the elites as a side snack while serving. Please don’t confuse it with nutcracker syndrome.

Aloo bhujia

Net weight: 20 g
Price: Rs 10

Halidram and bikano are the two names that people in India put their trust on. The crispy and spicy namkeen / snack is loved amongst many. It is in the shape of a short noodle and has received recognition from across the world. Try using it with other veggies along with ketchup and serve them well. You can also put the mixture on the top of any biscuit and sit back and enjoy the snack.  A little experiment won’t hurt anyone. Amongst the two, the haldiram version of aloo bhujia is more spicy while the bikano one is blant.


Net weight: 25 g
Price: Rs 10

Panchrattan is a mixture of sweet and sour potato sticks, rice flakes, dry fruits and other namkeens/ snacks. I often eat this snack with cold drink or tea. You can also experiment and mix it with veggies and different sauces and mix it all up. It can be munched at any time of the day. You cam serve your relatives with this and wait for mind boggling expression.

All the above are available in your near locality with fancy packaging and in a secure, air tight pack.
Also, all the above are very spicy snacks, recommended only in small quantites. Which is why I suggest consuming Rs5 or Rs10 packet every time you have a craving. Its easy to finish and you have limited to eat. An excess may cause acidity, fat or heart burn.

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