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Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Best vegetarian restaurants in leh ladakh

Let's look at the top vegetarian restaurants in Leh Ladakh.

Its difficult to find vegetarian resutrants in a nin veg dominant region. Its breaks my heart to admit that the alterhatives are genrally panner,soya or potato. Below is a list of places you can eat the best vegetarian food offered places in leh ladakh. These are definite places to pop in.
Located at the heights 11500 feet, the smiles of people and the beautiful weather will make you smile and push all your worries away. Its always better to decide beforehand where you will go to eat.

Alchi Kitchen

Serves: Indian, Asian, Vegetarian friendly
Must try: Vegetarian Mok moks , fresh apricot juice, chocolate momos, Thupka
Address: Alchi Choskhor, Leh, India
Ring me at: +91 9419438642

An affordable place to eat with yummilicious crispies that brings out your hunger pangs. Do checkout their authentic Ladakhi kitchen stove. Everything here is cooked right. Its hygienic and fills the soul of a tried traveller. You can feel the personal touch and thought given in the making of the café by the beautiful lady owner near alchi monestary. Their ginger tea is also a must try. We ended up ordering two more rounds of their mok moks.

The amazing part is you will see only women managing the place. The amvience is so good that it makes you stay a little longer with their awesome service. All food is cooked in open , so you can see what and how food is being cooked.

Neha Snacks

Serves : Only vegetarian food
Must try: Jalebi, Amritsari chole kulche, Aloo Paratha, Samosa chole
Address: Main Bazar Near Soma Gompa, Leh,
Ring me at: +91 94191 79114

On my expedition to Leh, being a punjabi I got this craving for chole bhature. In a non veg dominant place  it was difficult to find something that serves that Punjabi style masaledar fresh hot chole bhature. It is when I came across this snacks bar. It is in a prominent location in the main market in Leh , not much walking , is Neha snacks bar with a menu of a perfect samosa joint. The place has it specialites mentioned on the board outside its gate.  It’s clean, hygienic and taste is decent. Don’t expect your cravings to be fulfilled but then you get to atleast eat what you wanted. As per the locals in Leh, this is the best place to eat of your looking for only vegeatrian food.

Lamayuru Resturant

Serves : Asian, International, Indian, Gluten free
Must try: Veg falafel, Veg thenthuk and shaslik, Yak cheese pizza, Thupka, Israeli breakfast
Address: Fort Road, Near Hotel Yaktail
Ring me at: +91 94198 87890

A cozy food joint at the fort road opposite to Hotel Tso Kar with good taste and right number of spices. The only thing is the service is a tad slow and it’s a little pricely. The yak cheese items are the speciality here. The Cappuccino is delightful and tasty. The place is near the tourists location which also gives it a upperhand. Pineapple and papaya smoothies, apricot juice are real fresh. The stuffed parathas are well filled in and tasty. You can also get good Indian food here - Malai kofta, Veg korma. Israeli salad is a must. Lots of non-Indian multi cuisine flavors to try here. The kashmiri kawa is another thing on the menu that you must try. The daal has average taste. You can avoid pasta this place offers and switch for other options in the menu.

Mandala hotel

Serves : Asian, International, Indian, Gluten free
Must try:  Daal Makhani, Shashi, Paneer, Chole, Garlic naan, Allo pyaaz naan
Address: Fort Road, Leh
Ring me at: 091070 19055

It’s a hotel but they have a separate resutrant for only vegetarian. They also serve Jain Vegetarian resutrant.The quality of food is really good here. The change in temperature might get you down in leh, but go for the ched’s special kada for fighting all health problems. The staff is quite amicable. You will miss the home cooked food here. The view from the restaurant is very beautiful. Free wifi internet facilities are available.The location is beautiful. You can also stay here and eat or just come here to eat.

Neha snacks and Mandala hotel are the vegetarian only restaurants in leh. There ample of other options in leh which are vegan friendly.
Punjabi Rasoi in Leh main market
Option for travelling alone as they serve half serving option.
Other options are Tenzin Dickey, Himalayan restaurant,

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