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Tuesday, October 30, 2018

15 most amazing restaurants around the world

Let’s look around the most insane, gorgeous and amazing restaurants around the world that you never imagined existed.

The Grotta Palazzese in Apulia, Italy

Set on a cliff sitting above the Adriatic Sea, this is a 3-minute stroll from Matrix Church and 10 km from Conversano Castle. The eatery is cut out of the cliff's limestone hundreds of years back by the ocean. This is the biggest sea cave give in to serve eatery. It's solitary open from May until October and has a fixed buffet for both lunch and supper.

Dinner in the sky

Ready to experiment something cool and unique? Dinner in the sky is an events company that creates experiences for people that are cool and unique. This place is in Belgium. It caters 45 countries. First the guests are made seated and then the dinner table is raised in the sky upto 50 meters with the help of ropes. It’s once in a lifetime experience. It accommodates 22 people with a head chef and a team of waiters to serve food and drinks. This can also happen during the day, but the best lights and view is
during the evening.

The LumiLinna Snowcastle, Kemi,Finland

Built in 1996 , the SnowCastle is located in the northern reaches of Finnish Lapland. Lapland is the home of ice and wonder. Do not confuse this with lap dancing. This is open only from January to April. Temperatures inside are around -5. The eatery serves hot and cool beverages and the menu highlights generous northern nourishment including filet of reindeer.

Dining Pod tree in Thailand

Dining pod is a restaurant in the resort Six Senses soneva Kiri on Koh Kood Island. It’s an oval shaped steel frame at tree level accommodating 4 people at a time. Gives the view from the tree of the gulf of Siam. If you see from outside, it looks like a nest like woven rattan. Waiters use zipline to deliver food to the table. Isn’t that a cool job?

Dalu Robot Restaurant

Located in Eastern China, this place uses robots to serve the customers. The robots are designed with an auto generated voice which is in itself an entertainment. The motion sensor helps the robots to stop when someone is in their path. Starting from waiters to front desk, everything is by the robots. The interiors have dim neon lightings to potray futuristic environment. A female robots with stylish eyelashes greets everyone. Customers can also watch the robots dancing.

Restaurant Le 3842

Highest restaurant in Europe is located at 3842 meters above sea level on one of the peaks of the guild immediate friends. The restaurant gives unrivaled view of the mountains. Visitors reach here only by cable car aside from a café. It can accommodate upto 65 people with magnificent view of the Mount Blanc range.

Hobit House Resturant

Located in Manila, Phillippnes has the shortest waitress in the world. The interiors is full of swords and plant tables. The entire crew are midgets who are very warm and make it fun night. Hobits are a small race that inhabits the lands of middle-earth. The drawf said the hobit house are kind and friendly willing to make your evening a blast.

Ithaa Undersea Restaurant, Maldives

Ithaa is an undersea eatery found 5 meters beneath ocean level in the Maldives. Ithaa implies mother-of-pearl in Dhivehi opened in April 2005 depicting itself as the world's first undersea eatery. It encompasses 14 individuals and is encased in R-Cast acrylic with a straightforward rooftop offering a 270° all-encompassing submerged view.

Vampire’s Café

The first one in the list is ‘Vampire’s Café‘. As the name suggests, this place is known for its mysterious atmosphere. This is located in Tokyo, Japan. The interiors will make you feel you are inside a dark dracula’s house. The walls are covered with red velvet and the floor with red blood cells. The entire restaurants are made with a delicate touch of morbid.  The waiters in tuxedos and waitress in French maid dress. Everything here, from interior to the dishes is hinted with morbid atmosphere. It has a supernatural aura.

The Zzak

South Korea has a blind dating restaurant. Not just for speaking, but literally. With a private room and a booth, you get to choose your blind date by pressing the button on a wall. Companions from other booths come and join you.

Waterfall Restaurant

You get to be upclose and personal to a waterwall while enjoying your meal. Its in phlippines and is located right in the middle of a river. It sits at the foot of La Basin Falls where guests enjoy food at handmade bamboo tables while clear spring water runs over their feet.

The Airplane Restaurant, Colorando U.S State

This restaurant has an aviation-based theme has a wealthy gallery of aeronautics. It has the design of flawless Boeing KC-97 tanker that started in 1953. It can accommodate 42 people in it.

Cat Café Nekorobi

Cat café in Tokyo Japan has 11 resident cat and is one of the most loved restaurants you have ever been to. Cat toys, climbing trees, hideaway spots, cardboard boxes, low-rise cat level seats are some of the salient features that this place tend to provide.

Cabbages and Condoms

In the centre of the city of  Pattaya lies Cabbages and condoms. This place serves one of the best Thai foods. What’s astonishing is the theme of this restaurant. There are a series of life like mannequins dressed up in condoms throughout the restaurants. The fairy lights are hanging from the tree and a man-made waterfall in the background. Musician plays traditional thai instruments on the stage.

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