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Saturday, October 20, 2018

Best Breakfast Options in Old Delhi

Lets go on a fun food breakfast adventure in  Old Delhi


In morning time it's important to start right. The Om Corner in the streets of Old Delhi serves the best chole bhature in town
Forget your cornflakes, eating chole bhature in your breakfast is one of the best things you will do in your life.
A delicious bread made in oil and chickpeas with a top family secret ingredient.
Every two minutes someone will keep walking down the stairs with a big stainless steel bowl of bhature fried in it.

No matter how much people refer to chole bhature being unhealthy, but it serves right for your saviour glands.

What happens upstairs?
So, basically on the first floor which is a temporary living space, food preparation takes place.
Chickpeas, a bunch of boiled potato being ripped off.

There is a huge basket of dough. So they basically take a little piece of dough, then a handful of butter and wrap it inside out and makes a dough ball. the idea is that this ball bubbles up and becomes bhature. There are constantly people lined up downstairs for the very tasty mouth watering chole bhature, which is why the food here is always fresh and ready to eat.
Abhishek, the son of the owner has been working here for the past ten years. His grandfather started this business 60 years ago. As per Abhishek, it the recipe that makes it so special. They use a special masala in their chickpeas. They have their own blend of spices to make their food go from awe to irresistible.
There is no sitting area, it's like a fast food joint but you do get some table where you can lean against keep your plates on the steel table and eat.
They also serve Pepsi in glass bottles, the one that makes your breakfast, even more, sloppier and savoury.
Since this is a heavy breakfast deal, they are not available during the evening.

My order would start with a huge scoop of chole with a festival of pickles on the sides and with two fresh bhature. To have something to drink, I went next door to have a fresh glass of sweet lassi ( made of yoghurt, water and sugar) and a perfect companion to this heavy breakfast. The lassi is frothy and will full your stomach for almost the entire day.
Bhature is specifically great her because of this great texture, it is crispy, not much oily and at the same time the right amount of delicious. Its sweet and ssalty at the same time. I could eat a lot of them at the same time. IT like perfectly toasted bread and light butter on top. You don't even need a spoon while eating this, you can very easily use your bread as a giant utensil to pick up the chickpeas and savour your giant callas.
If you want to add to your bite you can add green chilli. This is for people who love eating spicy food.


Next breakfast option in Old Delhi is Paratha wali Gali. They have all kinds of stuffed loaves of bread. Check out their menu.

A tradition of six generations, Kanhaiya Lal Durga Prashad Dixit established 1875, Parathe Wala in old Delhi has its own charm.

It is more of a paratha stand with varied varieties.

Paratha as well all know is a stuffed flatbread. They have all fillings. The most common being potato.

They have cheese paratha, banana paratha. They fill in some cheese inside a giant dough ball and then wrap it up making it look like a delicious cheeseball and put some flour on it and then flatten it using a hand rolling utensil, belan.

You chop in some banana, put in some condensed milk and dry fruits. On the other hand, take a small dough ball, flatten it and put the mixture inside of it and roll it over.

They also have lentils (pulse/dal), potato vegetable, mashed pumpkin curry, some potato and pea
curry and sweet sauce with banana slices.

Starting with the cheese, it's not gooey, it's more like cottage cheese. So, when you eat a bite you will experience the masala in there which I didn't expect. Put some sauce on it for some super amazing taste and savour.


The next one is Rajinder Dhaba. It's like a meat paradise here. They have every different type of meat here.

This place is like Indian sonic, people come here to order food and eat on their vehicles, motorbikes, scooter. The motorbikes become the table and all join and create a group and have feast with their friends.

There are several gigantic tandoor ovens with gaint meat skewers. You want chicken, meat, fish. Whatever you name it, you will get it.

There are a million types of breadds in Indian market naan, butter naan, garlic butter naan, lachha paratha. This here is serveed witth roomali roti. The tinnest bread in the country. Roomali literally means handkerchief and this roti is named after this as its as thin as a handkerchief.
Its an artestry to cook roomali roti. They put the dough in a big dome and put make dough balss out of it, then flatten it out and does an amazing move to make it as flat as possible and then puts it on this upside down wok and roasts for about 10 seconds each side.  There is no cut, no hole, India's bread game is really strong. The meat room is huge here, It has several domes . The Kulloti kebab is ht ebest. Mutton sprinkled with mint sauces take your breath away.

In the nice little pond of ghee slavours one of India's best meals. There is intense spiciness here.

If you breathe here quickly, spice is what goes in.

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