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Sunday, October 14, 2018

Best way to lose weight during navratra

Let's look at healthy food to consume during navratras to enable effective weight loss.

Navrata food like sabudana khichdi, samak ke chawal or khichdi , kattu ka atta,.. These all are so heavy that if you eat them after 2pm, it will take a toss on your diet and will come back to zero.

SO, whatever heavy you want to have, it should be only in your breakfast. No other meal can be heavy.

Using this diet dedicatedly and sincerely, you can easily lose 5 kgs following this diet plan.
Within two days, you can lose upto 2 kgs. bu the condition is to keep yourself stick to this diet plan.
This is a very interesting diet and will help you lose weight this summers. We will also go for drinks thta are cool and provide a soothing effect and do not add to your fatty acids. This will be relieving as your diet will have a proper portion of proteins, vitamins and other nutrients.

Another thing is to not take stress in this diet. Sleep for good 8 hours cycle continuously.

Also people suffering from PCOS or PCOD, should avoid dairy or milk products or of this diet. Else weight will not go down but will instead increase your testosterone levels in your body.

The best part about navrataras is boiled potato. Yes you heard right. Boiled potato is actually your key for weight loss. You must have heard people saying how potato adds to your fat. But this diet will work like a miracle for you.

When a potato is boiled, the water that contains starch of the potato take away all the unhealthy fat.
Then what's left is just something that helps you to fill. It does not increase your weight in any sense.

Early morning drink

Start your day early around 7 maximum. Its important to start your day early because then in navrati you do your pooja and other regimes which usually take time and thus, it is important that you start early and eat breakfast on proper time.  7.30 or 8 max you should be ready for your breakfast.
People who are still cooking at 7.30 or 8, should get up even more early, cook food for thier famile, and preferably eat before anyone else. Taking care of yourself first is one of the important things we will learn in this diet.

There are people who will drink water also after doing their morning rituals.  For them, it is okay. I have come up with a solution to that as well. But people those who aren't that superstitious, they can follow a regular regime.

So, Once you get up take two glasses of warm water. Do not include anything. Just plain warm water.  No lemon, no honey, nothing at all. IT should not be lukewarm, it should be warm.

After your pooja , have 4-6 soaked almonds. No nuts, nothing else, just these almonds and eat them.

Next is breakfast, Your breakfast has to be very heavy. All the navrtata heavy food in the morning.

Breakfast options: Both light and heavy

Heavy breakfast - 
BOiled potato + Curd ( For a drastic change - no Salt, You can also use sendha namak but just a tad, You can also use salt on alternative days if its difficult to leave salt altogether )

(Tomato + boiled potato) sabji and kuttu ata plain roti (not poori)

Samak Chawal + (Tomato + boiled potato) sabji + Curd

Navratri Samak aloo paratha + card/ only tomoato chutney

Lassi / Tea ( without sugar)

Light breakfast - 
Mango pudding with chia seeds, chia seeds fruit pudding, fruti platter

People with light breakfast option, should go for heavy lunch btw 12-2. Do not exceed 2

2 hours after breakfats, you can have any fruit, pineapple,plums, kiwi, chiku


Paneer and coriander salad
Watermelon in good quantity
I bowl Sabudana kheer
Mango shake ( out of low fat milk)


Hot green tea (if u can) or make green the tea, let it cool and then add ice cube to it.

You can pair it with makhana,walnuts, 2 dates, almonds, nuts, coconut


After evening tea, go for fruits.

Orange, pineapple, papayya , berry (blackberry, blueberry, strawberry) dates , you can combine it with curd

No apple, melons fruit during night

No vrat ka khana in the dinner. Aloo, samak nothing.

Follow this diet for losing weight.

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