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Monday, December 10, 2018

Salads – The healthier snack

Salads are the best option when you want to switch to healthy eating. Salads are usually small pieces of vegetables, fruits, dry fruits dressed with toppings. The thing about salads is just that, they can be used as sides,appetizers,dessert or as a full meal.

Salads are of different types, green, bound, fruit, dessert and main course salads. Where greens salads are leafy vegetables, the bound salads are thick as they are made with mayonnaise. The main course salads are often dinner salads and can contain up to 50 ingredients. The fruit and the desert salads are the best. As the name suggests, fruits are chopped, mixed and pressed together to make a perfect fruit salad. You don’t need a lot of dressing in it, fruit natural juice would do the work. But you might want to add some salt or black pepper to it. The desert salads are the best and the most fattening one. One must never go for a dessert salad if one wants to cut down on fats and eat healthy or lose weight.

There are a lot of salad bars today. We all know, Subway has an already gained a big name in the market. We all the different salad and dressing they provide. In fact, a survey says sixty per cent of the people who wish to start a healthy lifestyle opt for the subway as their choice of food.

Delhi NCR has ample of good options - Salad story, salad days, salad chef, pita pit, healthilicious.

The biggest salad was the greek salad recorded in 2016, Moscow, Russia with more than 20,000 kilos of salad.
Fruit salads are the best of all. They add a whole new different juice to the salad. The orange beet salad, the avocado grapefruit salad, apple, walnut and gorgonzola salads are some of the best fruit salads you can ever get your hands on.

While writing about all the salads, I got very curious to know more about salads across the world. So now let’s also take a look at best salads that are most popular around the globe. The Californian cob salad is one of the most ordered and loved salads in the United States. Made with red wine, this salad gives you the most exotic taste. This is one the world most exotic salad you will find. As we know, Italy is famous for the best Italian food across the world. The next in line is the Tuscan Panzanella salad with soaked slices of bread carefully baked with small tomatoes, olives and onions give it a perfect taste. The secret in making the perfect salad is the ingredients and the way it is cooked, the right oil, the right baking at the right temperature.  The chopped salad in Israel is the ideal breakfast and is the simplest to make. It’s just chopped vegetables, but this salad became so famous in Israel that this is now called Israel salad. Other famous salads are the dressing herring salad from Russia, the spicy ramen noodle salad from Asia, the Shieldzini from Japan, the very special 50 ingredients salad Fiambre from Guatemala, the Nicoise Salad from France.

Salads like cucumber quinoa, Moroccan chickpeas, rice salad with cranberries and pecans are a few salads that go a long way without lettuce in them. Some others are roasted broccoli with feta, barley and pomegranate salad, roasted radish with feta salad.

The ceaser salad is my personal favourite. With lettuce,croutons, cheese and the exhilarating caesar salad dressing. Diggin in south Delhi opposite Gargi college serves the best chicken caesar salad in town. A tad bit on the expensive range but totally worth it. The others are bill chill in Khan market. I love their Ceasar salad with extra garlic. Situated in the midst of the Lutyens, cafe Diva also serves one the Delhi's best salads. Depot 48 in GK 1, fig and maple in GK 2, salad company in Gurgaon, salad story in Dhaula Kuan and GK are also some of the best places that offer salad in the city.

The next one in my favourite is a greek salad with lemon thousand island dressing.

Bean salads are also known to do wonders in your diet. Some of the Mexican bean salad, black bean salad, white bean and tuna salad.

Use the parmesan salad dressing in your lettuce free Ceasar salad. The homemade buttermilk ranch dressing is hard to miss but very easy to cook. This is both good for health and cost-effective. Other delicious dressing that will twist any and every kind of salad are thousand islands, mint, integrate, basil vinegrate, tangy twist dressing. Salads are known to have attained their unique identity because of the wonderful dressings. Dressings come in a lot of form, odour, tastes and colors. There is blue dressing, French dressing, ginger dressing, honey dressing, Italian dressing, thousand island dressing, vinaigrette dressing, creamy dressings.

Use olives, chickpeas,radicchio, chicken, bacon as the toppings in every salad to make it more twingy, tasty and delicious.

When you are preparing, use virgin olive oil only. And if cooking at home should be done at medium range.

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