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Thursday, December 6, 2018

Fly with Delhi's first ariplane restaurant

Now you don't have to go and spends thousands of rupees for an aeroplane experience because this mall has found the best solution for you.

Delhi welcomes you the Runway 1 restaurant in Rithala metro station Rohini, Sector 24. - India's first airplane dining experience. 

Dine inside the plane and on the wings - this beautiful restaurant is covered with water around which makes it more majestic and increases its beauty.

Delhi has been growing vastly when it comes to theme based restaurants. Be it the stock exchange market theme, the train theme, the rocket full of surprises, the vampire theme - We are growing and we are growing rapidly. The ambience and the decor lights make you feel you are right there. 

The Runway 1

It opened first in  Ambala-Kurukshetra highway on National Highway-1 and now it has opened very much in our capital city - in metro walk mall Rohini.
This restaurant is way ahead of its time. They have their own website and offers 10 per cent off on direct pre-bookings. This gigantic airplane that lets you sit inside and eat on the floor and on the wings is surrounded by cool breeze of the water. Its a multi-cuisine restaurant and has well-dressed staff. it looks particularly beautiful at night. With magenta pink lights and water sparkling, it takes your breath away. The tables are arranged in a way that there is space for everyone to walk. You get your bookings done from downstairs and then go up to the seating arrangements. 

Contact number - +91 9582530717
Timings- 10:30am – 11:30pm
Cost for two - ₹1,000
Cards, cash and Wallets are accepted here

Airbus 310 - Theme

The theme of India's first airplane restaurant is based on Airbus aircraft which was built in 1986. The one that was bought was owned by Air India.

Metro walk

There are many other places to visit in this mall. I remember when I was in my school days, this mall had just opened and we used to go after school every day for some Mcdonalds burger. I spoiled myself a lot with the mcswirl and the aloo tikki then. There is, of course, the adventure island, the amusement park - both swings and water, You can take your family here out on one day picnic. You will get to enjoy the swings and then there is a gaming centre within the mall, where you often see parents and kids playing together. there is boating. You see ducks swimming in the water. There is also KUTUMB where India's biggest thali of 13kg is served. This place also has a garden right at its beginning - where you can sit and enjoy a good time with your loved ones under the sun.


The restaurant is basically an expensive nutcrack. They offer no regular water. You have to pay just to drink water. You also need to buy one time non-refundable Rs 200 as a boarding pass, that will be adjusted from your bill. The food preparation is hygienic and there is no bad odour as I was expecting due to closed and a small indoor facility. 
There is no doubt that you will have to wait for at least 30-40 minutes before you get to board your ride.
They offer multi cuisines from Indian to Italian to American. Things you can try - veg and non-veg platter
Dal makhani and chicken biryani is a must try.
The penne pasta is lustrous and will get your food buds ticking.
Their paneer tikka Pizza is not so good in taste, You can definitely try their other pizza's.
The Airbus A-310 which is converted into a luxury dining might offer a great ambience but still needs to work a lot on its menu and quality of food.

In non-veg snacks, you can order afghani chicken
For the non-veg main course, you must go for Sharabi butter chicken - that will give you some booze-like trip. You would definitely want to sleep after that.

Tour of the menu

They basically have two categories for beverages - refuelling beverages and mocktails. A veg and non-veg starter column. Then a separate for all time favourites, pizza and penne. One combined for salads and raitas. The greek, green, mix, boondi, pineapple raita are available. If you want to try, then try the greek salad. The next category on the menu is rice and noodles. Do not go for their chilli garlic noodles. Khudrte-e-moti or chicken choupsey can be tried. They have a vegetable oriental in which they offer chilly potato, chilly cauliflower and the non-veg oriental that serves chilli chicken. Since I am a die-hard fan of chilli chicken, I will always suggest going for it. Then there is a separate express menu in both veg and non-veg - which again has platters and more snacks. So, not really neede. they could have ended up making one category for all. The staff seems unaware of this unusual categorisation logic. Then follows the normal veg and non-veg main course, paratha, roti, naan and the biryani and pulao categories. the dessert menu comes next.

But whatever said this is once in a lifetime experience and it is always great to be part of something that's exceptional and great. So walk in now and start your special journey.

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