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Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Does Vegetarian Diet help in Weight Loss?

A vegetarian diet is not just what to eat and drink. It's more than that. It changes the way you look at food and life. The journey is holistic, a healthier lifestyle as it ensures good health which is low in fat. A vegetarian diet is high in fibre and has a mixture of fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, pulses, cereals, grains, proteins, soy products and good fat. 

vegetarian diet helps in weight loss, What to eat on a vegetarian diet, vegetarian diet

Good fat or healthy fat is polyunsaturated. It is more healthy than saturated fat is it prevents your heart from various risks of failure.healthy fat also helps in decreasing the cholesterol level in the body and keeps medical problems at bay. Flaxseeds, sunflower oil, corn are a few examples of healthy fats. A vegetarian diet is so huge and there are so many options that your body will not miss even a single nutrient required for your body to keep running happy and healthy.

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Can you Lose Weight while on a Vegetarian Diet?

A vegetarian diet helps in weight loss, as it keeps a body on focussing what to eat and what not to eat. But it's not true if we say that vegetarian diet helps in weight loss, as it always does not lead to weight loss. It takes a little more than that to lose weight. Eating out at different eateries is one thing needed to avoid so that vegetarian diet helps in weight loss. Definitely calorie intake and exercise are needed in order to shed that fat out of your body. They are a low-calorie diet but does not always lead to weight loss, if not disciplined. Also, there are some studies that suggest that non-meat eaters are at more at risk diseases than meat eaters. There is more risk of physical and mental illness despite being physically active and no drinking and smoking. There are controversial studies that suggest credibility in this statement, but it all comes down to an individual's choice.

vegetarian diet helps in weight loss, What to eat on a vegetarian diet, vegetarian diet

Vegetarian diet always does not make you skinny. Food in a Vegetarian diet tend to be less in calories but while eating out one has to be careful with what they are consuming only then a vegetarian diet helps in weight loss. A vegetarian diet has a lot of high-calorie food, if you consume then it might lead to weight gain instead. So one might be careful of what they are eating in their vegetarian diet only then a vegetarian diet helps in weight loss. One may also go and consult a food nutritionist or a dietician in order to get a proper diet plan set up for them or you may follow what the next section of my blog says. I am giving a diet plan for people starting or struggling to be on a vegetarian diet. 

A few precautions can help you turn your weight down with this kind of diet. Eat as many raw fruits and vegetables you can. Don't drink fluids that are high in calories. A salad and a smoothie is a must. One must try and cook their own food and try and avoid wheat and processed foods as much as possible.

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What to eat on a vegetarian diet?

A big question that always goes around is can vegetarians eat eggs? What to eat on a vegetarian diet has a huge number of options. There are basically three types of diets you can follow here: Lacto-ovo-vegetarian, Lacto-vegetarian, and a vegetarian diet (vegan). 
In the first one, you can eat dairy and eggs but no fish or meat. For the second one, you can eat dairy but no meat, fish, or eggs. The vegan and the third one,  you can eat neither meat nor fish or eggs or dairy.

vegetarian diet helps in weight loss, What to eat on a vegetarian diet, vegetarian diet

Tofu, parmesan, beans, quinoa, rice, eggplant, legumes, soy, milk, fresh vegetables with hummus, nut butter with fresh fruits, eggs, sushi, noodles, burritos, kale chips, tortilla chips with salsa or guacamole, tacos are a few examples that are rich in protein. We will discuss in detail what to eat on a vegetarian diet.

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As we all know breakfast is a very important meal of the day. You need maximum protein intake at this time. Meat eaters know that fish, chicken, beef are good sources of protein, but oops, you cant consume them. In you breakfast you can eat on a vegetarian diet one portion/ a cup of oatmeal, quinoa, broccoli, tofu, apples, beans, mushrooms, spinach, eggs, cheese (only cottage), nuts in milk, berries and almond in milk, cinnamon apple chips, veggie chips vegetarian low carb bars, healthy smoothies.

vegetarian diet helps in weight loss, What to eat on a vegetarian diet, vegetarian diet

For lunch and dinner you can eat on a vegetarian diet the following: scrambled eggs, salads of quinoa, dried green apple nachos, soy and sugar fried cauliflower, fried bacon, proteins, Brussels sprouts macaroni garlic, lime and avocado hummus, vegetables, healthy snack balls, sausages with soya, fruits, cereals are a good choice. You can also have sandwiches coated with hummers, nuts, fruits, vegetables, falafel etc. A tofu dish with rice is a good option for lunch during the day. A portion of fruits, cereal and dairy product defines a good wholemeal.

Some sweets that you can eat on a vegetarian diet should be only once a while. There are a few chocolates with the vegan sign (which is green in colour), chocolate, sweet fruits, ice cream or coconut cream with berries or fresh fruits, banana truffles.

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