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Wednesday, March 27, 2019

[Weight loss diet plan] My personal weight loss journey

Learn how to lose weight quickly and effectively with these tips and an amazing weight loss diet plan. Weight loss becomes effective with these weight loss tips and an amazing weight loss diet plan. Eat right weight loss foods using the given weight loss diet chart.

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Today's blog is about my personal weight loss journey. I started a weight loss journey only a couple of days back. I will share my weight loss diet with all later in the blog or in the next one if this falls short of words. I have joined a gym near my classes. (I kept on waiting for a gym to appear near my workplace while I was working. Every time I checked the nearest gym was at least 3 km away.) I feel so lucky and happy that I finally got a gym of my choice. 

This brings me to a verve important aspect of weight loss, which is exercise. You will be consistent in your exercise only after you chose the one which you like the most. For example, I had my own personal conditions for going to the gym i.e. with facilities such as spa, steam, locker, bath, neat washroom, good machines, fancy gym basically. Some people like to play sports instead and hate the gym. Then search for a sports complex near your house and go for it. I personally am a big fan of sports. Did you know that I was a super athletic person all my teenage? I have so many medals and certificates, almost to the count of 75 just on sports and all winning certificates, none is like a participation certificate.


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Weight loss diet,Weight loss, Weight loss tips, weight loss diet plan, Weight loss diet chart, Weight loss foods

Anyways, let's not deviate anymore from the main topic. So yes, I started my weight loss journey with gym three days back and I decided to self develop a weight loss diet plan as well. The first day at the gym went fine, I was assessed on the basis of my stamina, strength, cardio etc. On the basis of which my entire weight loss diet plan was dependent. They made me do a couple of lungs, push-ups (I couldn't do full, so did knee push-ups), squats, cardio - treadmill and criss cross and a few more. I got a score of 20 out of 6. I was so shocked. I weight around 74 kgs now. But I have to reduce this unwanted weight. Not for anyone but for myself. I couldn't remember how and why I gained so much weight.  Then I trained the first day and then went off to meet my friends, had a few beers and ate so much junk. The entire weight loss diet was scrapped. I was hoping all this time that I won't eat, but then I did. 

The second day of my weight loss diet plan was all in hangover and guilt. I couldn't go to the gym as I had a meeting and my class was off today. Also, my class /gym is atleast 20 kms away from my house. So it does not make sense to go only for the gym. So I skipped both the gym and class but I wanted to take care of the fact that I don't eat junk. I went out for a meeting, they were ordering lunch and I tried and say no to every possible junk, be it pizza, subway, burgers, Chinese, pasta etc. Finally ended up having some daal and roti which was nowhere near my weight loss diet chart. All my weight loss tips flushed due to my lack of determination. But I gave up and binged to one bug full glass of aerated drink and a few blue lays. While coming back, I made sure to not eat anything from outside as this will hamper my weight loss diet chart. Then in the evening, gave in to my craving for golgappas. Ate 5 golgappas and then decided to not eat anything. But I then ate rice and sabji at the end. 

My weight loss diet chart was messed up to the core. Later that night - I ate grapes which I think is also not okay because of the natural sweetener in it. I was about to order something, like the main course from outside but this time I didn't. As a force of habit, I tend to eat a lot of junk later during the night. I constantly tend to stand in front of the mirror and look at all the fat coming roght at me.


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Now when I made this conscious decision a lot of change happened that night. I while binge eating grapes checked out a few YouTube videos where I tried understanding about weight loss foods, weight loss tips, weight loss diet chart and its constituents. It was all confusing but I tried grasping a few things.

Claories that I should consume every day- 1100 kcal, with 125g carbs, 53g proteins, 40g fibre and 30g fats.
Breakfast - 350 kcal
Lunch - 350 kcal 
Dinner - 200 Kcal
Snacks - 200 kcal

Some even argue that consuming 1900 calories for boys per day is a good way of weight loss diet. And remember, we are looking for weight loss. So yes taking care of what you eat is very important. I will also share a few weight loss tips and tricks. We all know the gym and diet go hand in hand. You need to have a good understanding of the weight loss foods. Infact diet in weight loss plays 70 percent role as everyone says.

Weight loss diet,Weight loss, Weight loss tips, weight loss diet plan, Weight loss diet chart, Weight loss foods

Since I am no expert in dieting, I decided to go for whatever experts say and created a weight loss diet for myself.

This diet has is based on an in depth analysis of what and how much to eat. There is a quantity, quality and first-hand experience of these weight loss foods and weight loss tips. I am going to share my in-depth everyday weight loss journey through this blog almost every day from now on. Weight loss foods are calculated on the basis of calorie each item has.

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