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Monday, May 27, 2019

Why Should you promote your food blog on Instagram

If you’re not using Instagram to promote yourself or your food blog, there’s no better time than right now. In fact, Instagram now leads other larger social media networks in terms of user engagement (that is, the degree to which followers of a page “like” or otherwise interact with a post), according to the Wall Street Journal. But this high level of free contact with fans of your site may not last.

A new report by the market research firm Forrester Research, titled “Use Instagram Now,” found consumers are currently much more inclined to like, share, and comment on brands’ posts on Instagram than they are on Facebook or Twitter. How much likelier? Posts by brands and food blogs generate an average of 58 times more engagement per follower on Instagram than they do on Facebook, and 120 times more than on Twitter, the report said.

Forrester attributes these insanely high interaction rates to three main factors. The first is simply the lower numbers of users on Instagram, compared to other networks. Less content means that posts from your site or product won’t get lost in the shuffle quite as easily. Second, Instagram tends to show you all the posts from your network, without trying to “filter” results to show you the things they think you want to see. This means that ALL of your fans are likelier to see ALL of your posts. And finally, Instagram’s users tend to skew younger…and younger people are more likely to engage with your brand on social media.

It’s not all good news, however. The report warns that Instagram’s numbers will inevitably drop, meaning that the time for blogs, brands, and products to get active on Instagram is NOW. As more and more advertisers discover the network, Instagram will have no choice but to begin to filter content according to a “relevancy” algorithm, the way Facebook does now. Now that Instagram is owned by Facebook, it’s not inconceivable that the network will experiment with the post “reach,” similar to the way the network has crippled fan pages.

As always, bloggers and brands should remain nimble, be careful not invest too heavily in one social strategy, and be ready to switch to new services as they emerge.

“Instagram delivers best-in-class social engagement rates for brands today, but it won’t last,” the report concluded. “Marketers must use Instagram now before it changes the rules – and they must be ready to move on to another social site when Instagram’s phenomenal engagement rates disappear.”

This article was first published By Malcolm Bedell

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